Impressions of China. New units of speed and old ways of counting.

This comes to you from China, and the city of Suzhou. To set the scene, cities in China have a lot of motorbikes. Electric ones. With their own speed units, a % of Panda speed. image

Msny msny people ride bikes such as these; some even manage three passengers, or several boxes of shopping. And the streets will have dedicated lanes for them, although you do need eyes in the back of your head to spot their silent (often 15 kph) approach. image

The chinese pharmacy also has separate lanes, for the modern tablets, pills and lotions familiar in the West but with equal prominence to traditional herbal medicines.



The duality also extends to the checkout!


We are here to visit the gardens, both formal snd botsnical. And to exercise our reaction times (see above).

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  1. Philip Marriott says:

    I have always felt that Medicine is an Art, informed by Science. I remember the Chinese medicine in Tibet and your observations seem to support this view.

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